A new friend of mine has taught me this:

Today I exercise patience. I understand that all my actions and reactions influence those around me. My actions will reflect encouraging results for those that observe me.  

     Bobby Womack is in the hospital and they are trying to save his foot from infection.  In my impatience I was wondering 
if his next show was going to happen.  I realize that health holds up everything we do. it's imperative that we be healthy in order to 
     At some point in your career as a musician  you will have to sign a peace of paper that will allow your business to go further.  It's a good idea to have a lawyer or someone who can decipher what you'll be signing.  One thing that I've found in reading my own agreements is that what people say in person or on the phone may be completely different than what is written down.  Always read what you're about to sign and do not settle for less than what you want.