TV & Film placements

Songwriting & engineering



     * Exceptional versatility and adaptability with Popular styles of music.
     * Solid musical background and recording experience.
     * Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.
     * Virtuoso piano and drum programming skills


     * Proficient in using Pro-tools & logic


     *Parliament Funkadelic song placement "Ya Habbit" on Medicaid Frogg

       Dogg album

     *Composer Allen Iverson Documentary on Netflix and Showtime

      *Grammy nomination: Pussycat dolls hit "Stick with You"

      * Production on Beyonce Knowles Hit "Still In Love" B-Day Album

      * Keyboards and production for Lauryn Hill

       *Engineer "Im Back" Sly Stone Cleopatra records

      * Soulfood TV Series songplacement

      * Consultant and production for Atlantic recording artist Hope Shorter

       * Engineer Lenny Kravitz @ Democratic national convention