The Cori Hypothesis

Cori "Fader" Jacobs is brain behind the Cori Hypothesis.  He has Grammy nomination for work with the Pussycat Dolls #1 single "Stick With You". Production work on Beyonce's Grammy winning B-Day Album (Still In Love), A Song placement on Parliament Funkadelics "Medicaid Frogg Dogg" release (Ya Habbit), Toured with Lauryn Hill and has worked with George Clinton and Sly Stone.  He is the cousin of Sly Stone who has personally endorsed Cori's latest release "Vegan Funk".  Vegan funk is Cori's release with his band The Cori Hypothesis.  It's Funk like Funk once was. Very meaty but in this case it sounds like meat but it's not.

    Cori is based in Los Angeles but comes from the S.F. Bay area city of Vallejo.

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