1Masterfader 8 week music production course

1Masterfader 8 week music production course

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Course starts Thursday April 15, 2021 @ 6pm PST


During the Eight week course you will have access to the private facebook group where you will download .pdf files about music production & keyboard playing. Also, you can ask questions and even post your music or your practice for feedback.  We will meet Once a week on Thursday 2pm PST, via zoom, to over lessons, Answer any questions and hear your progress.  By the end of the 8 weeks you should be a better musician & your music production should be augmented.


Keyboard players-

Your focus will be improvisation and basic chord structers for

Pop, Rap & R&B.

My goal is to get you to understand that playing the chords can have

more an impact on the listener than dragging and dropping the chords.



Your focus will be on getting your beats to knock & sound clean or Dirty, which

ever you prefur, when creating them.  You will learn the fundamentals of beat

design such as the foundation of a beat & the Arranging of a beat.  You will also

learn all of the duties of a producer which will take you out of the title of "Beat Maker" 

and into the title of Producer. In the end you will have more of a acumen to be a 

next level producer. 

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